The show is a stand-up comedy competition featuring ten hilarious professionals from one industry and from different companies to compete in front of their peers.

These funny people compete live on-stage in front of 300+ industry leaders to find out who is City’s Funniest Professional.

    Grabbing the attention of the industry requires ideas that are truly unique, fun and fresh.

The show is an opportunity for sponsors to make a high impact with OMs s by providing them one of the biggest, most talked-about events in Atlanta apartment history.
One of our goals for this high-energy evening is to build
Community Through Comedybecause…

            “Laughter is the closest distance between two people.” — Victor Borge



The sponsor gives this unique, fun experience to a Client.

* All performers are vendor sponsored.
* We can help pair clients contestants & vendors.


The Client then selects their ‘office comedian.’


* All performers are vendor sponsored.
* We can help pair OM contestants & vendors.


Humor Wins then works directly with the performers to develop their material. 

* We ensure that all comedy is corporate appropriate for the community

Humor Wins produces the entire event, including:

 – venue procurement

 – professional photography and video   

 – professional comedic writing and coaching performers

 – marketing materials

 – your logos placed on banners in red carpet area

 – providing a professional MC and closing comedian

 – and much more…

All prize money goes to a charity of their choice:

1st –   $5,000

2nd – $3,000

3rd –  $2,000