This testimonial video is from Verne Harnish who is considered to be one of the best business consultants in the world. Humor Wins’ owner, Marshall Chiles, is his humor coach and writer. Marshall is also the host of our Laugh & Learn Experience. If Verne has had success working with Marshall, you will too! Keep scrolling to learn more about The Laugh & Learn Experience that Marshall is hosting.

The Laugh & Learn Experience is a comedy show and presentation/workshop that teaches you how to add humor to your presentations so you become more likable & engaging… which we all know you need!

We obviously believe in the power of humor in business. But don’t take our word for it:

Humor increases persuasion’s effectiveness.

Dr. Jim Lyttle

Making people smile or laugh increases your likability.

North America Journal of Psychology

People don’t remember what you say, they remember how you made them feel.

Maya Angelou

People pay most attention just after you use humor because they want to hear what you will say next.

Jeffrey Gitmoer

When people laugh together they bond together and it improves employee morale.

Forbes Magazine


We think Dr. Jim Lyttle answers this great question best with, “Humor increases persuasion’s effectiveness.” If you give business or sales presentations, then you are trying to persuade. So therefore, you want to use humor!

The Laugh & Learn Experience is also great for team building because when people laugh & learn together, they form stronger bonds and usually become BFFs.

Here is our formula explaining why you use humor in your presentations:


The host for The Laugh & Learn Experience is Marshall Chiles who is the world’s leading expert for adding humor to business presentations. How can he make such a bold statement?
A) He wrote the book ‘Your Presentations is a Joke: Using Humor to Maximize Your Impact’ that is an Amazon best seller and used as a text book at The University of Alabama.
B) His clients will vouch that he is great at what he does (see the video above).
C) If not Marshall, then whom?

Marshall is also the owner of:
The Laughing Skull Lounge
The Laughing Skull Comedy Festival
Humor Wins
He is also the head writer for:
* Atlanta’s Funniest Apartment Professional
* Atlanta’s Funniest Lawyer
* Atlanta’s Funniest Real Estate Agent
* Laugh Your Ads Off

He has worked with more business professionals making them funny than any other person on earth. Maybe the universe, we still don’t know at this time.


Phase One – Stand-Up Comedy Showcase
Marshall Chiles hosts The Best of (YOUR CITY) Comedy with six local comedians doing their best 8 minutes of corporate clean comedy. This showcase format is great because if you don’t like one comedian, don’t worry, they’re almost done.
(ex: The Best of Atlanta Comedy)

Phase Two – Presentation: Our YPO award-winning presentation teaches you:

  • Our proven 3-step methodology for finding the funny in (almost) any subject
  • How to use funny images in your presentations
  • The Humor Rules: How to be funny and not get in trouble
  • The Self-Deprecation Writing Formula: “Self-deprecation makes people appear more likable and trusting.” – Inc Mag

Phase Three – Workshop:

Marshall writes jokes by applying the simple 3-step methodology taught in his presentation. These jokes are written on subjects chosen by you, the audience, and done live on the screen.  Our workshop is where the rubber meets the road for helping you learn what we teach.

Phase Four – Meet & Greet the Host: Marshall Chiles, CEO of Humor Wins, the author of book listed below, and all around great guy (most of the time).

Phase Five – You don’t have to go home, but you can’t stay here!


  • Everyone gets a copy of Marshall’s book Your Presentation is a Joke: Using Humor to Maximize Your Impact which is so effective that it is now a textbook at The University of Alabama Birmingham. Oh, and it has a 4.5 rating on Amazon.

Yes, we share these awards with you because we like to brag… but also because it shows that what we teach works. So if you want to learn how to use humor in your business communications, get your tickets now to The Laugh & Learn Experience.


Humor Wins produces these shows for all types of organizations like YPO, Ernst & Young, and more. The Laugh & Learn Experience is great for team building as everyone is now laughing and having fun together while they learn to strengthen their funny bone.

To have your own Laugh & Learn Experience, please contact us here.