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The best way to look at ‘Your Presentation is a Joke’ is half-book and half-notebook. The first half is information, the second half is applying that information. There are a few books written on adding humor to presentations, but this is the first book to give you well-proven methodologies teaching you how to apply humor in your presentations.

Why add humor to your presentations? Because

as Dr. Jim Lyttle said in 1977, “Humor increases persuasion’s effectiveness.”  (And guess, what? It still holds true today.)

If you are a business presenter, this book is for you. Wait, hold on… if you are an experienced business presenter, this book is for you. If you are a newbie, we suggest you get some experience before adding humor. Why? Because humor is the highest form of communication and until you have the basics down, don’t try to play with the big kids. Humor is ideal for business presenters that want to go from a 5 or 6, to an 8 or 10, or to the corner office.

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