"Humor increases persuasion's effectiveness."
- Dr. Jim Lyttle

What We Offer

Wait, Why Humor?

Increased Likability


When you make someone smile or laugh, they are happier. When you are the one making them happier, you increase your likability.

Increased Engagement


When you make someone smile or laugh, their engagement increases because they want to know what you will say next.

Increased Persuasion

When you present your goal is to persuade people to take actions or change their beliefs. With increased likability and engagement, you have increased persuasion's effectiveness.

“Leaders who laugh at themselves appear more likable, trusting, and caring to their people.” – Inc Magazine

We Know Comedy & Business

10+ Years of Comedy Classes

We’ve been teaching comedy so long that we own StandUpClasses.com We take all these years of experience and teach you how to enhance your communications using comedy techniques.

70+ Years of Business

Our team has decades of business experience ranging from successful entrepreneurial start-ups to VP of Sales for Fortune 500 companies. We use our business skills and combine them with our comedy knowledge giving you a unique insight into applying corporate humor.


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Be so good they can’t ignore you!’
-Steve Martin

There is little success where there is little laughter.
-Andrew Carnegie